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For immediate release, 29 november 2019

Michael Jung at Pratoni del Vivaro 2018

There’s ‘a lot of Pratoni’ in the recent history of equestrian sports. Since the illuminated president of the Italian equestrian federation Ranieri di Campello thought - in the mid-1950s - that those 145 hectares near Rome could be the perfect location for 1960’s Olympics, Pratoni del Vivaro saw a full slot of top events and top riders taking their chance there.
Three-day event and driving have always been the elected disciplines at Pratoni but in the years, many athletes from all discipline made use of the Federal equestrian centre as a base for training in the occasion of the most important challenges.
The messy order of an outstanding natural frame, with mild hills and the dark green of trees have been the picture for events such as the Open European Championship in 1995 and many editions to follow of the Continental eventing: five altogether between junior, pony and senior. Pratoni hosted the World Equestrian Games in 1998, the World Junior and Young Riders Endurance Championship and the World driving championship - singles. But all its fame and prestige is nothing compared with the unique feeling you can experience while taking a walk along the course.

Stefano Brecciaroli in Bolivar Gio Granno CCI4*-L Pratoni del Vivaro 2019

Mild slopes, a perfect mix between ups and downs with no harsh or dramatic passages: the feel you get is that any course at Pratoni can be equal to a relaxed natural ride. And this is probably the ace course builders have played in setting always very fair but also very technical rounds at Pratoni. From Albino Garbari - unforgettable icon of any event competition in Italy - on, all course builders who had the chance to work at Pratoni have always had a joker on their side: the ground. No matter how much it can rain (or not rain), Pratoni del Vivaro have always granted all horses an elastic and fantastic footing. And this makes about 60% of a good eventing competition.
The rest of it, colours, emotion, flavours, scents, sounds… can only be experienced.




By Liana Ayres

Photos © Massimo Argenziano

For Immediate Release – November 28, 2019 –

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Photo © Massimo Argenziano


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